Although the history of wine is much older, we know that its culture was dispersed to the shores of the Mediterranean by amphorae containing the fermentation secrets of Lycian vineyards and by Phoenician traders who used the waterways that date back to the ancient Egyptian dynasties. A magnificent blue voyage that combines your taste buds with Lycian grape varieties, whose genetics have never been lost since 3000 BC, awaits you.
The production of billets is hidden in the diversity of vineyards on the Mediterranean Sea, where Lycians know well how to make red wine, as well as pink wine and white wine. Regular table wines and fine wines were prepared differently from each other. According to a general opinion, the best wines have undergone a second fermentation in the clay and soil properties of the Amphoras in which they are stored. Although they knew how to produce barrels of much higher quality than those used in our time, they never used these barrels for wine storage and wine trade transportation. This is the life story of thousands of Amphorae found today on the Mediterranean coast and in museums.
You will now be an important guest of Lycia history and Mythology by chartering one of our Yachts. You will sip your wine by seeing, touching and feeling, not by reading historical books.
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