Mericyacht Co.Inc. Turkey & England Since : 1979 Yachting Licence : 126 EXPERIENCE & TRUST Mericyacht Yacht Charter is a leading yacht charter company specializing in comfortable yacht charter holidays in the best waters of the Mediterranean and Southern Aegean. We offer you, our valued guests, advanced and different yacht charter experiences, compatible with an effective cruise art and the tastes of their guests. You can reach our elite customers' reference and thank you information from the link (Testimonials) OUR GULET FLEET 70 PERFECT YACHT Mericyacht fleet is divided into 2 portfolios: Delux and luxury Each is defined by the size of the yacht and the features and facilities on board. The yachts are impeccably maintained and fully staffed with the captain, chef and crew. Our crews are carefully selected, combining training with years of experience at sea, a deep knowledge of the region, and personalized and friendly service. While each of the Gulets we offer has its own unique character and design, all combine elegance with optimum space and comfort, as well as the true history and tradition of the classic Blue Cruise. Whichever you choose, a Mericyacht Gulet will be a pleasure to seek out your very own for an idyllic week or two with great food, exceptional hospitality and luxurious relaxation on board. GLAMOUR AND ELITE YACHTING BEGINS HERE.. Mericyacht creates bespoke luxury travel experiences and life-enhancing journeys, opening doors to fascinating people and places around the world. Whatever your requirements and goals, each Mericyacht experience is carefully crafted to provide a deeper connection with your destination. Mericyacht is about establishing a relationship with the potential to last for more than one trip. Our first interaction with you will be all about getting to know you, understanding your needs and any areas of particular focus. After the initial meeting, Mericyacht will put together a proposal based on your wishes and desires. When you travel our team are there from arrival to departure, wherever in the world you may be to ensure a smooth, seamless and incredible holiday exper.

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