TESTIMONIALS "Mericyacht, Yacht Charter, Yacht Fleet Management, Blue Cruise Organizations,Corporate Charters in Turkish Coasts & Greek Islands." In our 44 th golden year, we have no place establish our passengers all her letters to these pages. We thank to our passengers that support us willingly for our services and we save them in our hearts. OPINIONS OF OUR VALUABLE PASSENGERS

Bavarian Royal Family

Leopold Rupprecht Adalbert Ludwing Ferdinand Prinz von Bayern Ursula Prinzessin von Bayern Maria Felipa Karin Marion Gabriele Prinzessin von Bayern Prinz von Bayern, Konstantin Eugen Alexander Max-Emanuel Maria Prinzession von Bayern-Maria del Pilar,Birgitta, Adelgunde,Charlotte Karl Rupprecht Prinz von Bayern BUERGENER Elke Ruth SCHOENEICH KATHARINA Badge of honor presented by Leopold Rupprecht Adalbert Ludwing Ferdinand Prinz von Bayern

GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA New York Pax: 39 Dear Mr. Mericadali; The tour organized by you for our group along Anatolian Coasts has been wonderful. The itenerary was well planned and the alternate visits. The weather conditions were very good. Our cruise went very smoothly a well done trip. The gulets were very comfortable and clean and all passengers were pleased with their state rooms and facilities on board. Your crews are exeptional. We all felt very good with their competence professionalism. The crews are also very warm, kind and responsive to all onboard three boats. Their courtesy and attention was most appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful voyage. P.S. The foods were excellent. Charlene Harris Tour Manager

UNIVERSAL / CAWS NUGENT GROUP Buena Vista Circle / Carlsbard, CA Pax: 26 Our group of twenty six was very pleased with the blue voyage portion of our tour. The Mericyacht fleet was new, well maintained and immaculate. The staterooms and accommodations were superior and larger than we expected. We did not expect rooms for suitable and these could be easily accomodated. The crew was ver professional. We appreciated their polite attention to detail, and friendly helpful attitude. The food was fine and all the conditions of food preparation were clean. The crew kept the private facilities clean. Our route was custom made to allow for a shorter trip. The stops were well timed. The crew and Mr. Meric were especially kind to our senior woman with a caston her foot, taking her on and off the boat, to the beach etc. Our group was both and elderly members and all were served well by the crew. We espcially appreciated the quiet and place away from noise. Thank you for a perfect voyage Professor Kristina Nugent Colonel Larry Nugent Tour President

DUVAL PARTY New York, USA Pax: 6 Dear Meric; Our party was attended to in every detail with the most care. You and the crew were most flexible. We had to change our itenerary due to the high winds, despite the winds, our skipper "Talat" found beautiful, calm bays for us to relax and his ability to anchor the boat to a very beautiful bays was very experienced. We consider ourselves the foods were delicious and we did not expect the fantastic food prepared for us by our cheff "Metin". The food was always varied and incorporate the freshiest of the local vegetables. Our trip could not have been so enjoyable without the constant help of Sedat who attended to our need. His enthusi and ready smile was contagious. You and your crew are to be recommended for making this the best and most restful holiday that we have experienced. We are all eager to return. Thank you. Tim Duval N.Y.C.

GRANATA PARTY Roma, ITALY Pax: 6 Dear Meric; Grazie per le emozioni e le attenzioni che ci avete riservato. Il mare, il sole, la luna e la natura incondaminata, accompagnati dalla buon cucina e dal servizio affettuoso e professionale. Hanno reso questa vacanza indimenticabile! Sognando di riverderni il prossimo anno... Vittorio Granata Tour President

KEY TOURS PASSENGERS New York, USA Pax: 38 Dear Meric; Very friendly crew and very accommodating to all our needs. Food was excellent. very tasty, fresh and authentic. Boat kept very clean and comfortable, sailing to marveules beaches and islands. Captain was very skillful and experienced. Mr. Meric and his crew made our vacation wonderful by creating very homely atmosphere. We all were able to relax and enjoy out trip. Ms. Barbara

KEY TOURS PASSENGERS USA Pax: 38 Dear Meric; Fantastic cruise, marvelous food, fresh and delicous. Sailing the most wonderful bays and beaches. Very skillful team made our cruise very enjoyable. Captain was very experienced and accommodating. We all could relax and regenerate our energy. Home atmosphere, very comfortable. Could recommend to anyone. Globus Group.

BLUE VOYAGE San Francisco, USA Pax: 4 Between 7 - 14 September. We leave unforgettable memories from blue voyage that has been organized by Mr. Meric. The atmosphere that we live with all members of gulet was equivalent that we saw natural beauties. In that trip until start to end that I can describe like peerless, I leave in pleasure that able to show our clients, our natural beauties and Turkish hospitality with captain of M/S 510 and his team by the mediation of Mr. Meric. Hande Arzu Buyuklimanli Blue Voyage Turkish Tour & Travels Owner & Partner

GMM TECHNOLOGY, Ltd. Kiev, UKRAINE Pax: 14 My team had 5 years experience in Turkey. We saw a lot of places in Turkey, such as Faselis, Mira.. etc. but we came to this place first and we saw another face of Turkey. We want to cangrulate Mr. Meric and his crew for our unforgettable pictures and feelings. We advise everybody spend summer holidays with this people and in this place. Andrey Honcharov Tour President

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